Lilly’s First Day

Today is Lilly’s first day of four-year-old preschool. She had gone to this school for the past two years and absolutely loves it! I barely get a kiss when I drop her off. However, this year I will use the carpool to pick her up. She is very nervous. The problem started when Tyler was in preschool. I used the carpool to drop off and pick up mainly because he had a harder time separating from me if I walked him in. Poor one-year-old Lilly cried every time the strangle lady took Tyler out the car, and so here we are with my normally no fear Lilly scared of carpool. So the plan is to walk her into school in the morning and pick up in carpool. If this goes well, I plan on doing only carpool after Christmas break. My hope is that once she experiences and sees that it is okay she will be okay. Let’s keep our fingers crossed!

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