My schedule is completely off this week! My husband’s work schedule is different for the week and I can not get anything done with him home. Why is this? Why do I find it so hard to do my job because he is sitting on the couch on the computer. Sure, he will want to talk about whatever he is reading (some tech thing) or about the news, which is fine I love talking to my husband. However, I seem incapable of sticking to my schedule with him home. I can cook dinner, empty the dishwasher, and help the kids with whatever they need, but I can not seem to do anything with my husband at home. As I sit here writing this I know when he reads it that he will point out that I talked to my sister for an hour on the phone this morning. However, he will be surprised to learn that normally I work while I talk with her, but somehow I am not able to do the same with him at home. I sat on the couch chatting about shows we both watch and the usual everyday talk and my husband sat on the couch beside me on the computer and making the occasional comment. I like having him around but I miss my routine. Does anyone else have this problem?

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