Flu Shots

Okay, I have to brag about my very thoughtful children. As we all know it is time to get our flu shots. I decided this year to let Tyler and Lilly choose between the shot and the mist. You see, my sister had a double lung transplant 5 1/2 years ago, because the flu mist is a live virus the kids would have to stay away from her for two weeks. In the past, I chose the mist for both of them, however I felt like they were old enough to help make the decision this year. There is no discussion about whether they get the flu vaccine, but I felt they should be able to decide which one they wanted. I explained the situation and of course answered all my son’s questions, and those wonderful children chose the shot (even knowing it will hurt)! I am so proud of them for thinking of their aunt’s feelings and for loving her so much they would rather take the shot so they can see her. They really make my heart sing!

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