I am thoroughly exhausted! My sister was in the hospital for two weeks and a few days later Lilly gets a cold with a fever for a couple of days and Tyler starts running a high fever. My poor sister never got a definite answer to her dizziness, but after her sinus surgery she felt better. However, it was not the cause but she was able to go home. My sister went home on Saturday and her dog on Sunday. Monday, my husband had an endoscopy, I took Lilly to the doctor on Wednesday, and Tyler on Friday and Monday. I went to the doctor on Thursday due to an ear ache I had for a few weeks and a CAT scan on Friday (still waiting on a call from the doctor). Tylenol and I have been best friends for the last few days. I am exhausted from taking care of everyone and dealing with my ear. I would love to go to bed and sleep and just relax, but there is no way to know how long it will take to fix my ear and I can not lie in bed for days. This is a side of motherhood that you don’t think about until it hits you. Juggling life, the unexpected, and you don’t feel well is tough to do. Thanks for the venting session!

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3 Responses to Exhausted!!

  1. Sounds extremely exhausting!! Super MOM!!!!

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