State Fair

This past Friday, we went to the State Fair! A long-standing tradition in my family. My sister Robin came with us and we had a ball!! Tyler had early release on Friday so we decided to pick him up and head straight to the Fair. I was a little worried it would be crowded since all the traditional calendar schools had early release, but to my relief it was not. We all had a great time! The kids played two games and won two prizes, they were so proud of themselves and I loved carrying them around! They rode many rides and  little Lilly loved them all, even the faster ones.

Here they are riding the ponies. It amazes me how much they love to do this considering my dad has horses!

Tyler definitely love riding the bigger rides this year!

Tyler was so sweet and rode the ladybug ride with Lilly.

I could not believe Tyler wanted to ride this! He was a little nervous and asked Daddy to ride with him. This ride goes up slowly and drops you. Tyler’s quote, “I will never ride that again.”

Aunt Robin wanted to ride with the kids and here she is! It was so funny because she was not expecting the ride to go quite so fast. However, they all three rode it again!!

We had a great day riding rides and eating food!! Next year we hope Granny and Papa will come with us!

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