Last night, I had a conference with Tyler’s second grade teacher. Tyler’s grades were not quite as good as usual. Here we have this awful grading system of 1, 2, 3, or 4 for grads. The break down is 4- performing above grade level, 3- performing at grade level, 2- performing at grade level with help, 1- not performing at grade level. I hate this grading system, I never know exactly how well he is doing or where he may need more help, but what I am to do. I was very nervous going into this conference, what was the teacher going to say? I prepared myself for best case- the new curriculum is taking some time to get use to for the students and teachers, to worst case-Tyler has a learning disability and needs to be tested. To my great relief it was the best case and Tyler had pulled his grade back up. The teacher and I spent twenty to thirty minutes discussing Tyler’s work, the areas where he needs help, and things I could do at home to help him. We spent an hour talking about family and just chatting. She definitely laid my mind to rest and I feel my son has a good caring teacher.

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