Fall Cleaning?

Okay, for the last three days I have been doing some hardcore cleaning. You may ask, “What triggered this massive cleaning?”. Well, the simple answer is Halloween. Your next question would be, “How does Halloween trigger cleaning?”. There are two answers to this question. First, my family is coming over for dinner and to see the kids. We are getting pizza for the kids and my sister and I am making beef stew for my parents. So of course, I want the house clean and I admit that the house had slipped some, especially the kids’ rooms and the upstairs bathrooms. Second, last year a little girl and her mother came to my house trick-or-treating and both were very curious about the inside of my home (I suspect they did this at every house). The little girl commented that my house was messy. The mother and I were both embarrassed, the mother apologized and tried to move on but her daughter kept looking in the door. A few minutes later a boy came to the door and complimented my house and I gave him an extra piece of candy! So I have been giving the house a good fall cleaning, if there is such a thing!

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