Graduate School

I have been going to school for the past two years without a single break. I attend an online university and the only breaks I took were the one to two weeks between semesters. I did well throughout the two years, all As and Bs, until my final thesis class, I failed horribly. I was so upset I cried, I had never failed a class before, ever! However, after getting some much needed sleep I knew I was not happy with the work I had done. I was so exhausted all I wanted was to just be done! I took a couple of months away from school altogether. I did some much needed cleaning and bonding with my family. My children were very happy I had more time for them and I was in a better mood. My husband and I enjoyed watching some TV together on the couch. After taking a step back I realized I had pushed myself too hard (I think we all know that feeling) and I need to remember to take some time for myself to rejuvenate. So, I have to retake my final class and it starts in January and I am looking forward to it. I have already started working on it a bit. So wish me luck on my second try!

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