Trouble with Lilly

Well, my Lilly is going through her phase of pushing the boundaries. She is becoming more independent by the day. She learned how to get her on cup of water all by herself. She also learned that when she does something wrong she gives a very good sad face with a sorry and all is forgiven. I noticed that she does this act and moves on happily when forgiven. I don’t think she is getting how her actions can hurt others and that is the lesson I want her to learn. She is a good listener and her manners are good, so no major issues with her behavior. However, I want her to grow up and remember her actions affect other people. Her new thing is to quit playing with a little huff if her brother does not play the way she thinks the game should be played. I am trying to teach her to talk instead of jus quitting. She is getting better and trying to remember to talk it out. Here is a problem I am having, Lilly is my youngest and there is a little part of me that wants to hold on to her as my baby. My heart and my head sometimes fight over what to do, but I take a breath and remember that my job is to help her grow up. I wish I could say that I always do the right thing but I don’t just like Lilly I am learning.

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