I Love Being A Mom!

Today, I looked out the window and waved at Lilly playing in the yard. She stopped when she saw me and waved at me with that beautiful smile. I felt a wave of emotion of just how much I love being a mom! I can’t get enough of those beautiful faces and the love I have for them. This time of year is especially nice for snuggles and time together. We have a tradition when a Christmas cartoon is on TV we make hot chocolate, snuggle on the couch, and enjoy the cartoon. I love these moments! I also love making boo-boos better, mediating fights, reminding to do their chores, wiping away tears, reading stories and good night kisses (even when I’m exhausted), helping with homework, and everything in between. I feel like I am good at it. The house runs smoothly with a few bumps here and there. So far, I am keeping up the many changes that happen to children as they grow. I may not have the cleanest house but it is happy. I am truly blessed with two of the most wonderful children in the world! They make my job so much easier and fun.

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One Response to I Love Being A Mom!

  1. Robin says:

    You should feel like a good mom because you ARE a good mom. A GREAT mom!!

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