The Holidays

Well, Christmas was a blast! The kids loved everything they got!! Christmas morning the kids awoke at a good hour, around 7:30 am and we headed straight for the presents. Everyone loved everything as the wrapping paper flew. Santa did a very good job with lots of Harry Potter stuff for Tyler and an easel with art supplies for Lilly. We all enjoyed our traditional Christmas breakfast of cinnamon buns. My parents dropped by around 10:00 to see what the kids got from Santa. We had a light lunch because we had a delicious dinner at Mama’s and Daddy’s house that night. We met my sister Robin and her husband there. We ate dinner and opened presents. It was alot of fun and the kids were so excited!! Poor Lilly was give out and she fell asleep on her daddy at 6:00. There was only one thing that dampened Christmas and that was the absence of my middle sister. Right now, she is not speaking to our dad. This not new behavior for Wendy, several years ago she stopped speaking to me for months. My poor family had to do separate holidays that year. This year my dad has missed both of her daughters birthdays and she refused to come to my children’s parties because of Daddy. This Christmas she met my mom for dinner and my mom gave the girls their presents. I think my parents felt her absence more because they would not see her at all this year. They were more emotional and just not their selves this Christmas. But even with this we had a good time, especially the kids!

Tyler with his presents!

Tyler with his presents!


Lilly with her presents!


Aunt Robin opening her present from the kids! (5 lbs. of sweet tarts, her favorite)


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