A Trip for Mama!

For the past few years my present to my husband on his birthday was a trip to visit his best friend. It was nice for him to get away and get a break. However, over the same years my birthdays have been a little blah. It always seems that money is tight and my husband in not very creative in this area. This year he is going in February to visit his friend in San Francisco. He moved there over a year ago and my husband has been dieting to go. I mentioned this birthday trend to my husband and sister and two separate plans emerged. My husband is giving me a gift every Friday between now and my birthday, February 15th. I thought that was very thoughtful, nothing big just little presents. My sister and mama want to take me on a trip this spring (we prefer warmer weather). The trip will be a long weekend wherever I want to go. I am very excited and have already started thinking of places to go! My children are less than excited about my trip. They told me they would miss me so much and wanted to know who would watch them! I informed them of course their daddy would take care of them. Tyler said “We’re just use to you being at home.” and Lilly said “But Daddy doesn’t have good snuggles like you.” with her best sad face. After a discussion about how it would be nice for Mama to get a chance to do something fun, like Tyler playing basketball and Lilly taking dance classes, everyone was on board and wanted to help me pick a destination. It was nice to see them put my feelings before theirs, especially when I am always taking care of them and they are use to having their needs met first (most of the time). They DO make my heart sing!!

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