First Pet Dies

On Friday, my dad had his dog put to sleep. Patch was old and started having seizures (bas ones). Friday Patch kept having seizures one right after the another and Daddy took him to the vet. My mom said he was very upset and of course Tyler had a basketball game Saturday and we went to lunch for my husband’s birthday. Daddy came to everything and was in a pretty good mood. So, mama tells me during the basketball game about Patch. I wait until after lunch to tell the kids and it was sad! They both teared up and said how much they missed Patch already. Tyler wanted to know if anyone was with Patch when it happened and Lilly said, why did I have to tell them, she was so sad. They handled it pretty well and the next test will be the first time they go over to Mama and Daddy’s house. This was the first pet death we have faced. My dad has had Patch since before the kids were born and he has always been a member of the family as far as the kids are concerned. I dread the day when our cat or dog dies. We love our pets and it is hard to deal with their deaths and my little ones have dealt with the first one pretty good.

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