Kindergarten Registration

Today I registered my little Lilly for kindergarten. It is amazing how much it hurts, just like the first one. It is incredible the amount of love, pride, joy and sadness a parent can feel. It comes at different times and all at once. There are times I look at my children and can feel the love just spread through my body, I am full. I watch them play together and I know one day I will not be able to look out the window and see them there and my heart aches. Signing Lilly up for kindergarten brings all these feelings together at once. She will be starting a new phase of her life. I remember when Tyler started kindergarten and all his babyish ways and looks were gone. He was truly a kid. And now,. . . . . . . it is Lilly’s turn. She will go to school and find independence, confidence, grow and lear. I will miss the little girt but look forward to the girl to come. I am excited for her new journey but so sad to see the old one end.

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