First Snow!!

We had our first snow the other night! It was not much, less than an inch, but we were so excited!! Here in North Carolina snow is rare. There are years when we see none at all and some years just a trace. So last night I let the kids stay up late to see the snow falling (there was a good chance it would be gone by morning). They were so excited!!! Tyler was really hoping for a snow day, but got a two-hour delay. This is the first time he has really gotten what a snow day is. It was so fun to watch him hoping for more snow so school would be cancelled. He was disappointed this morning, but they got to play outside this morning. There were a were sled runs, no snowballs since sleet was mixed with the snow, it will not stick together to form a ball. And still they loved it! It took me back to when I was a child and hoping for a snow day and of course our county starts with a W and is last to come up on the list of school closings. My mom reminded me of the time we got two inched of sleet and school was closed for two weeks! Tyler thought that story was pretty cool! So the snow is already melted, but here is to hoping for another snow day!!

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