The Clean-Up Plan

For over two months every weekend I am mad about the state of my children’s rooms. I try to be understanding and remember what it was like at their age and how much I hated cleaning up. However, they have to learn to take care of their toys and to keep their space clean. We do have a chore chart, but keeping your room clean is part of living in this house and not something you get paid to do. Our system with chores is there is a list of chores if you do all the chores each day you get the reward. Tyler gets $5 a week and Lilly gets 5 stars a week (equal to five dollars but she picks a toy). The room cleaning is really getting on my nerves. So, the other night I read Berenstain Bears and the Trouble with Chores for a bedtime story. In the story Mama Bear gets tired of nobody doing their chores and says not to worry about and neither will she. Of course, the family misses their clean house (finally) and cleans it while Mama Bear is out. So, I thought lets give it a try. I lasted two days and lost it. The living room was scattered with toys, their rooms were horrible and their toys were scattered around my room. A new plan was needed, asap! I sat down and thought it this morning. We have an afternoon schedule to help with homework and chores and now I have implemented a 15 minute block to clean their rooms and any toys that make it down stairs. Today is our first day and hopefully this will help.

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