I Love Co-Sleeping

When I woke up his morning I had two sweet children snuggled up to me. We woke up and talked and played for about ten minutes and then it was time for breakfast. I love those moments in the morning when we snuggle and just hang out. Before I had children I said my kids would sleep in their bed that my husband and I needed our time.Then my sweet boy was born and I loved having his with me. Tyler also had many ear infections which resulted in needing tubes but I always had him in bed with me to watch him when he was sick. After the tubes the ear infections were gone! Tyler wanted to sleep with us and I wanted his to as well. However, my husband did not want Tyler sleeping with us every night. This was a hard time for us. I felt like I had to choose between my husband and my child. And to make it worse my husband wanted me to put Tyler in his bed, he did not want to be the bad guy and make Tyler cry. He was frustrated and I felt trapped between the two of them. I tried everything to get Tyler to stay in his bed. I made his room as friendly as I could with his favorite things, bought a fish to keep him company and a cat when the fish did not work. I told my husband how I felt and this added to his frustration and made his feel guilty. Then one night Tyler wanted to sleep in his own bed and my husband missed him! That was the end of any arguments over co-sleeping. Tyler sleeps with us some now, when he is sick or maybe something is bothering him. I told my husband we should enjoy these times because they will grow up and want their own space. I truly enjoy this special time I have with my little ones. My husband and I found there were other ways to spend time together. For example, once a month my husband brings home take-out and we watch Big Band Theory together. We do our best to make time for each other.

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