Best Big Brother!

Thursday we had an ice storm. Tyler’s school released 3 hours early and the excitement level was high. It was snowing hard when we picked him up and by early afternoon it was all sleet and freezing rain. Our backyard was covered in ice! Around 5:00 I let the kids go out to sled. They barely made it up our hill when Lilly slipped and fell. I met her at the door to find she had a bloody lip (she bite it when she fell). I cleaned her up and she went right back outside with Tyler. She walked over to him and he gave her a hug and helped her up the hill. As I watched them for the next twenty minutes, I was so impressed with Tyler. He helped his little sister walk up the hill and pushed her down each time. He was so sweet! The next morning the same thing all over again. It was so heartwarming to see he being a loving, caring big brother. He make my heart sing!

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