There are many pets in our house. We have Dino (short for Dinosaur) our cat. We got Dino when Tyler was three and Lilly was a few months old. Dino lives upstairs, he has no desire to go outside and his food and litter box are upstairs. I like this weirdness about Dino because I don’t have to worry about him jumping on the kitchen table. Dino does not like to be bothered during the day and has his special hiding places. Dino is truly a member of the family. He listens to the kids’ bedtime stories and moves from bed to bed at night. Copper is our dog. She is a toy Australian Shepherd and fits perfectly in our family. The kids really wanted a dog and after lots of research we settled on Copper. She loves to play with the kids, but can be quiet when everyone else is. She snuggles in between my husband and me on the couch after our kids got to bed. She sleeps in her crate for her safety, she still chews on things when not supervised. Copper knows the boundaries of our yard without a fence (she learned that in two days). We have two birds, Dappodil and Strawberry. They are parakeets and I think I like them more than the kids. I talk to them, feed, and water them. And finally, we have four fish, betas. I have forgotten their names, but Tyler’s are named after Transformers and Lilly’s are named after Princesses. The fish live in the kids’ rooms and they love them. The animals are tons of work, but the kids do help. They feed, water, walk and help bathe Copper. They feed the birds. I do the rest because it can be very messy to the cage. They feed the fish, but my husband cleans the tanks. They may be small, but the tanks are heavy with water and rocks. They use to help with feeding Dino, but when Copper joined us she ate Dino’s food, so now he gets fed after everyone is in bed and in her crated. And that is our family of pets.

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