Murphy’s Law

My husband left Friday night for San Francisco to visit his best friend. Of course, I wake up in the middle of the night with major drainage down my throat. I wake up Saturday morning and I feel like crap. The kids and I spend two hours in Target looking for my dad a birthday present and did I mention it was pouring down rain! We finally get home and I crash on the couch. My nose is stuffy, my throat is full of drainage, there is pressure in my ears and face, and I am sneezing. I start my Claritin and drinking lots of hot tea. My children were so sweet to me. They ate their lunch and played quietly upstairs, they make my heart sing! By the afternoon I feel well enough to get us all ready for the birthday dinner. Over the next two days I continue to feel worse. I went to the doctor yesterday and received a shot that took down the swelling in my sinuses and amoxicillin. I actually slept all night on one pillow not three. I had so many plans for this week while my husband was away and of course that did not happen. So far the bare essentials have been all I can manage, the grocery store, laundry started, kids fed and bathed. I guess this is something we all learn to roll with Murphy’s Law.

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