No Faith!

Our house needs some repairs and updates such as new carpet, new floor in kitchen, painting, and some other minor repairs. We are a one income house and can’t afford to pay someone, so I have decided to do it myself. I am nervous about attempting the big projects. My family has no faith at all that I can accomplish these projects. My dad actually laughed at me. This kinda offended me! I am not delusional and think that it will be easy. I know it will take days and hard work to accomplish each project. However, my home needs some repair and has to get done! Their skepticism is not needed. Many women all over this country learn to do these projects everyday for the same reason I need to learn. I am hoping to take some classes at Lowe’s to help and of course the trusty internet. These projects will start when it warms up, so in a couple of months. This gives me time to prepare. Wish me luck!

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