Trouble With School

Recently, Tyler received an interim report from school. He received good marks, but there was a comment about his work habits. It seems that during his classwork he is kinda zoning out and his teacher had to redirect him back to his work. I was quite upset and was more upset by the fact that Tyler did not seem upset. I came down pretty hard on him and reminded him that school is his job and very important. A few days later, Tyler’s teacher sent home a note letting me know she had to redirect him again (I asked her to let me know if it happened again.). This time I was mad but came up with a plan. I emailed his teacher asking for any suggestions and sat down and talked to Tyler. He said he was bored and his teacher suggested that she allow him some extra stretch time. I tole Tyler that his teacher needs to see his work so she knows he can do it. If he doesn’t finish his work then she can not let him go to 3rd grade because she does not know if he can do the work. He has to show her he can. I did ground him from playing with Star Wars toys for a week. The next day he finished all his work and even had extra time during the day. I lifted the grounding, but told him next time that would not happen and he knows I mean it!

Part of me feels guilty because I have been lazy about my own schoolwork. I just don’t feel the passion anymore. Every class I have taken I have enjoyed and learned alot. I think I am just burned out! I don’t feel any drive to get the work done. A big part of me wants to quit. During the break I took, I was happier and more relaxed with more energy. Then I think about that loan that will come due soon and I feel like I have wasted money by not at least trying. Oh well, back to work for now!

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