Where Is Spring?

Here in North Carolina we are experiencing January temperatures instead of Spring temperatures. I hate cold weather and I am ready for it to be gone. Today the high is 41 and lots of rain, no fun. I was really hoping for a nice warm Easter because my family is coming to my house this year. I wanted to have lunch outside, my house is not very big and I am not sure where I will put everyone. The biggest reason I am ready for warm weather is I Hate Cold Weather! Our poor dog is getting fat from lack of exercise, she doesn’t like the cold either. Copper goes out and does her business and comes right back in. Baseball and t-ball practices are freezing. I want to wear short sleeves and walk outside and feel the warmth. The kids are ready to run and play. Opening the windows and letting in the warm fresh air makes the house feel so good. The warm breeze blowing through the house and listening to the children playing outside while I do my work is one of my favorite things about Spring. Warm weather hurry up and find us!

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