Easter was a Success!

We had a great Easter! We had to eat inside, but it all worked out. The sun came out just in time for an Easter egg hunt. The food, surprisingly, was a hit. Robing (my sister) and I cooked lasagna, lasagna rolls, chicken marsala, garlic bread, and salad. We decided to do a not so traditional lunch. My dad in very traditional and we were nervous he would hate the whole thing. I also decorated the table with an easter egg tablecloth and got plastic plates, bowls, cups, and utensils in different colors to match the tablecloth. Daddy seemed to enjoy all the festivities. Of course, the kids had a blast! They tried to keep Uncle Matt and Aunt Robin, but those two were ready to get home and watch Duke play. They loved all their Easter baskets and all the candy. I was so proud of their manners and how grateful they were for all they received. The day was very nice. It was nice for the whole family and for all of us to celebrate together. After everyone left I took a long nap! I was exhausted from all the cleaning and cooking. Spring cleaning is definitely done! Robin and I are already planning next year’s menu, brunch!

Hunting eggs!

Hunting eggs!

My parents watching the egg hunt!

My parents watching the egg hunt!

Uncle Matt is the best egg hider!

Uncle Matt is the best egg hider!

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