Spring Break!

I have been so lazy this week. The house was thoroughly cleaned last week and I am just not the kind of stay at home mom who cleans for hours each day. I have been shopping for Lilly some Spring clothes since she has moved up a size. Lilly got a hair-cut and we had lunch with my husband. That shows just how lazy I have been this week. On the other hand, I have enjoyed spending time with the kids. They have stayed up late and slept with us. I love the talking and playing we do in the bed before we fall asleep. They love to hear stories about my childhood and we laugh and tickle and finally settle down. I love the way we all settle into our spots and everyone drifts off to sleep. The kids had picnics in their rooms and played lots of games. I forget how much I love when they are home and having a relaxed schedule. We are all ready for school to be out! I can’t understand why some moms dislike breaks in school or snow days. I have friends who complain each and every time there is even a delay or early release. I know schedules get thrown off and we can’t get as much done, but is it not such a precious time we have with them. Our time with them at home is so short and this time with them when they are young is so important. As parents we should treasure these years and the moments we have with our precious little ones.

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