Bad Parent

The other day I read an article written by a local radio broadcaster on our local news website. This woman was outraged that a school was banning the game dodgeball. She blames parents for being too soft on their children and that all parents “coddle” their children today. She blames parents for a school in England for banning best friends (not sure how they do that) and a another school in the U.S. for no longer handing out awards at school because they did not want to upset the students who did not receive one. First of all, I agree with banning dodgeball. As a child I hated this game and to this day do not see how it is fun. I also understand the reasoning behind the no awards. When I was in school I received awards, but I was not good in math. No matter how hard I worked it just did not click for me. It just did not seem fair that I worked so hard and others did not and they got an award. I am not saying I agree with not giving awards, but I understand the thought process.

But enough of my rambling, the point I want to make is that I am tired of being called a bad parent because of something I have no control over. I have well behaved children and raise them in a way that I think is best. I am tired of people complaining about children in restaurants and how they can’t enjoy their meal because of the horrible children that are being raised today. It is hard to be a parent and realize that every decision you make affects your child in so many ways. I do not need the added pressure of society blaming me for everything they see wrong in this world.

I am not a bad parent and neither are the majority of parents. We love our children and take care of them. We may have different ways of parenting, but we want what is best for our children. So please stop blaming me or calling me a bad parent, it is hurtful!

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