For the first time I am feeling restless at home. My husband told me about a job opening at his company and I found myself feeling excited by a new challenge. I love being home with my children, but I am feeling a bit bored. There is plenty of work at home, however I do not want to clean baseboards, scrub floors, etc., etc. all day. I just don’t want to clean like that. The kids do not need me like they use to. They play very well together, coming up with all kinds of games. They just don’t need me as much physically. They are better about cleaning up their toys and putting them back where they belong. So here I am contemplating going back to work. The money would be great and a new challenge would be nice. Then there’s the kids. I love being here for and with them. I love being here and helping whenever I am needed. My husband and I do believe in one parent being home and have sacrificed in many ways for me to stay home. The kids do not want me to go to work, they made themselves very clear on this matte. I wish there were more jobs that allowed me to work from home, that would be ideal! I am also considering part-time work this Fall, both kids will be in elementary school. I never thought I would feel restless at home, but being a parent is an ever-changing world.

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