Being Social

I am an introvert and have trouble talking to new people. My husband is the extrovert. He strikes up conversations where ever we go (sometimes to my annoyance). It amazes me how he can just start talking to strangers and carry a conversation with them.  I have always been shy, but I have gotten better with age and experience. I have also learned that being a parent thrust you into being social. It starts when you are pregnant and everybody wants to know “How far along are you?”, When are you do?”, “What are you having?”, and tell you their birth stories. And let’s not forget all the advice. However, these are simple questions and I can smile and nod and be on my way quickly. This begins to change when they go to school. I have to go to parent/teacher conferences and talk, really talk (so far good reports). I have to talk to parents on field trips and discuss all kinds of issues. Parents at the ball field want to discuss many different issues from where does your child go to school to how do you like the team this year. Being a parent has forced me to be more social. There are so many aspects of being a parent that at times it can be overwhelming, but don’t get me wrong I would never change a thing because they make my heart sing!

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2 Responses to Being Social

  1. Anon says:

    I’ve always felt so weird growing up in an extroverted world. My family are extroverts ; they never could understand or even try to. Going on field trips, birthday parties, family get together, holidays, picnics, etc…. Very Overwhelming… As I grew older (now in my 30’s); I finally accepted myself as being an introvert. I always make sure to drive myself so I can leave early. My daughter is autistic and she also gets overwhelmed by crowds and loud noises. So that helps. Sorry to disappoint people. I love people (one on one). My husband is a little more extroverted than me but knows my boundaries. I appreciate that a lot… It’s comforting to know that I am not the only one….

    • It is nice to know that we are not alone. Sometimes I feel like the only one who has this problem and talking with new people comes so easily to everyone else. I also like to drive so I can leave when I am ready. My family has a hard time understanding as well. We introverts just have to stick together!

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