Growing Up

The other night Lilly had her Kindergarten Orientation. She loved it! While the adults listened to a presentation she stayed in a real kindergarten classroom and played. After the presentation we took a tour of the school and dinner in the cafeteria. Lilly was so excited! Tyler did a great job being excited for her and telling her all about the school. It was a big success for Lilly! However, it was a bit odd for me. The first time around I was nervous and trying to learn what to expect and how everything worked. This time was bittersweet. I was more relaxed since I knew what to expect, but I realized it was my last time. My baby is growing up and becoming more independent. Lilly is a smart girl and will do well next year, it just makes for so many different emotions. Pride in her accomplishments, Sad to see the babyness go, Happy she is growing and learning, and so many more it is hard to put into words. Tonight is her preschool graduation and I know I will cry. It is the end of one thing, the first of many I must face throughout their lives. Being a parent is full of ups and downs and mixed feelings, sometimes it can be overwhelming. As parents we work hard for our kids and do our best to help them through life and hope I am up to the task.

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