Memorial Day Weekend!

We had a great weekend! Friday was a day of errands. We bough a new electric lawn mower and I love it! It is so lightweight and no yucky gas smell and easy push button start. We bought a pink dogwood and a japanese maple for the front yard and they were on sale! After we picked up Tyler from school we had ice cream at Goodberry’s and headed to Sam’s Club. Saturday we went to the Farmer’s Market and the grocery store. We came and started cleaning the yard. We planted some flowers around the mailbox and planted the trees. Then we grilled and ate outside, the kids loved it! Sunday was a quiet day, Danny worked and the kids mainly played outside and watered all the new plants for me. Monday we bought the kids new shoes, both had gone up a size and I got a new pair of sandals. That afternoon we checked out the new greenway trail. Tyler took his scooter and Lilly rode her bicycle and we had a really good time. This weekend was a nice family weekend. We enjoyed working, playing and relaxing together. It is nice to slow down when there is so much going on between Lilly’s end of school activities and ball games for both. We all had fun winding down and just enjoying hanging out. This weekend was a good reminder to take time to just be together and enjoy each other and some family time!

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