Summer Vacation

It has begun! School has been out for a whole week. We had a pretty relaxed schedule, no hard bed times, plenty of playing outside, and just doing nothing. I think just doing nothing is important, especially when you are young. I remember as a girl just sitting outside and watching the clouds or playing in the wind or just daydreaming. Their lives are filled with rules and adults telling them what to do or where to go and so many new experiences, I think it is nice for them to have some down time. However, I noticed by the end of the week they were needing some structure. This week we are back to a schedule. The kids seem to enjoy it! There is plenty of playtime with a little schoolwork mixed int. Tyler’s teacher gave some suggestions to help improve in some areas and to help him to keep moving forward. Lilly is an enthusiastic learner and keeps working to get ready for kindergarten. I am enjoying having them home and spending extra time together. I have to make some adjustments to my day. I am use to having a couple hours a day to get things done. It is an adjustment, but one I gladly make.

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