My Little Ones

Today, I had lunch with a friend who told me how her children fight alot and she was happy to see how my two played so well together. I realized I had been taking them and their relationship for granted. Tyler and Lilly play so well together that I forget not all siblings do. My sisters and I played liked Tyler and Lilly and I think that is why I forget how lucky I am. My little ones can play together for hours inside or outside. They take turns picking games and cartoons. Sometimes they mix games together, such as “snake tea party” or My Little Ponies and Star Wars. Outside they swing together, roll down the hill, find bugs and pick flowers. They do have disagreements and sometimes they need some space from each other, but that is ok. They learn that everyone fights and makes up. Fighting and disagreeing are a part of a family and it happens to everyone. The important thing to remember is that we love each other and we are always there for each other.

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