Happy Sounds

There are so many sounds in my home. Laughter coming from upstairs because of a game they made up. They can be so creative and have so much fun! Silence when Tyler is reading and Lilly is coloring. In the past few months he has really gotten into reading. We sit on the couch sometimes reading together. Lilly can’t wait to read by herself. She asks her brother “What is it like to read?” He responds “You go to a different world. I dream about my book.” Giggling, snuggled up in my bed watching a movie on family fun night. Tyler gets jokes now and Lilly laughs with him. Talking at supper. Hearing about their day and their thoughts about everything is fun and interesting. For example, Tyler told us about a boy who ate fourteen ants at recess. Singing along to our favorite songs and dancing. Arguing about many things. This phase has just begun. Sometimes the arguments occur once a day and sometimes several times in a day. I include this because it means they are growing and becoming their own people. This not to say that some days I just say “Enough!” and send them to their separate corners. All of these sounds are music to my ears. They remind me how much I love being a mom. They make my heart sing!

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