Rough Day

Yesterday was a rough day with the kids. We were starting to clean Tyler’s room which looked like a tornado had hit it! I asked Tyler and Lilly to clean one section, in front of the closet. I cleaned the living room, dusting and vacuuming and my office. They barely did any work. I was not happy! So I send them back up with strict instructions to clean that section. After about half an hour goes by I go up and still nothing is done. They were then grounded from TV, friends, and computer games until the room was clean. Their friend next door over and asked them to play and the answer was no. All of a sudden they kicked the cleaning into high gear. Of course they received the lecture about work first then play and about listening to my words. This morning they jumped on their job and worked hard. They cleaned up everything I asked them to and I will help with the harder stuff. They are now playing with their friend, taking a much deserved break. I hate when we have days like this. It is no fun and I am glad that it is over. I don’t mind being the heavy because I feel that I am helping them to be good people, however it is no fun to see their sad little faces.

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