Summer Schedule

I started out the summer with the best of intentions. The kids could stay up a half hour later and we would stick to our bedtime routines. I am not sure when it happened but there is not schedule at all now. There is practically no rest time to speak of. I am beginning to worry they are not getting enough rest! I also planned on the kids doing worksheets each day and Tyler working on his writing and reading. This plan started out well but somewhere along the way it fizzled with bedtimes. However, Tyler has been reading almost everyday for 30 minutes, I guess that is something. It is amazing how easy it is to slip into a relaxed schedule. Recently, I read on our local news site where a mom asked for suggestions to help with the “summer slide” as she called it. Many moms wrote telling how their kids were doing their work and how they stick to a certain amount of work each day. The more I read the worse I felt. Then the last mom wrote that she does not stress too much about that stuff, she feels that it is summer and they should just have fun. Reading that comment reminded me that everyone does things differently and nobody’s way is wrong just our own way. So, I have been slack about certain things, but the kids have had a great summer so far.

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