School Has Begun!

School had officially begun and we have completed two weeks, at least Tyler has. Tyler is in third grade this year. He is settling in nicely. His teacher this year is very enthusiastic and organized. I like the organized part, she communicates with parents on a regular basis. Tyler has trouble leaving me, especially after a long time at home. However, he is doing well and having good days. Lilly is in kindergarten and loving it! She loves everything about it and her teachers are loving her! She looks so cute walking into that big school. Tyler is being a great big brother and walking her to her classroom. So, the kids are doing well and adjusting to a new school year. I am home all day by myself now. I am still settling into my own schedule. I find myself checking the time, but there is no one to make lunch for or nap times now. Finding my own schedule is proving harder than I thought. I imagined all this free time and getting more done each day, but it is not quite working out that way. It will come slowly but surely. I miss both of them, but I am so proud!

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