Fall is Coming

The last couple of days have been cooler and feeling like Fall. I am not a fan of cold weather and I am not looking forward to the change int he temperature. I like it nice and hot! Tyler is definitely not looking forward to the colder weather. He does not like wearing pants or long sleeves. Now, we are not in need of long sleeves yet, but the mornings are definitely cooler. I informed both Tyler and Lilly that tomorrow they have to wear pants. Lilly is more understanding but Tyler is disappointed. This is always a tough time of year when it comes to clothes. Most of the time I keep only temperature appropriate clothes in their closets and drawers. This way they are free to pick their own clothes without worrying about me saying no. Unfortunately, this time of year the weather fluctuates a bit. Today is going to be 76 degrees and this weekend will be 87 degrees. The over night lows vary as much as the daytime highs. This is also the only time of year I have to deal with arguing over clothes. I am a strict parent when it comes to the clothes my children wear. An example is, I do not allow Lilly to wear dresses in the winter. I feel they are just not warm enough even with stockings. So Fall is coming and this family is sad to see Summer end, we love the hot weather!

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