Kids Are Funny

Today, the living room received a thorough cleaning. I moved everything out, vacuumed, steam cleaned and rearranged the furniture. I did not tell the kids just to see their reaction. My two little ones flipped out! Tyler said “What happened here? Did we get a new house!” They ran around, sat on everything laughing. Lilly hugged me and thanked me for the living room. It is so funny how rearranging the living room got them so excited. Then I remembered when I was a little girl and we bought a new house. My parents took us to see it before we moved in and all the empty rooms were so fun. For some reason, we ran around the rooms and declared that the house should stay just like that. I love how little things can excite kids. I was happy with the way the living room turned out and how clean it was, but the kids made me feel even better!

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