The Pressure of Parenthood

Recently, I was talking to my sister and my mom and something came up about how much information parents have today. In many ways all the information helps us be good parents and helps us keep our children healthy. On the other hand it can be too much information and just plain overwhelming. I stopped reading nutrition articles because one article says raisins are good for us and another that we should not eat raisins because they are bad for your teeth. Conflicting information all over the place. There are articles about when to do homework, should children get allowance, and on and on. Like I said, too much information. As a parent, I want to do the best that I can for my children, but all the information is overwhelming. This information also adds pressure to be the perfect parent. For example, I feel like a horrible parent when I pack the kids’ lunch. My children are a little picky when it comes to a packed lunch (they will not eat the school lunch). I send in lunchables and I know some parents fell that is awful and neither of my children will eat sandwiches. I send them food I know they will eat and no, it may not be vegetables, protein, dairy and fruit, but they get each of these throughout the week. So, I try to let go of the pressure I feel from the outside world and do what I think is best for my children. I take in the information and make the best decision I can, which is all any of us can do.

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