I said I was going to be better about writing in my blog and it has been weeks since I last wrote. The day before Thanksgiving I took my final exam for my Master’s Degree. I have been studying and taking care of the kids, which includes special activities at school. It has been hectic!

Thanksgiving was not much fun this year. My sister, who had the double lung transplant, has rejection. The doctors are trying a medicine to stop it. She received the treatment the day before Thanksgiving and the next day she had a fever. She, of course, stayed home, but it was not the same without her. It is always how we feel when one of us is not there. Things are just more fun with both of us.

Sunday was more fun. We took the kids to see Frozen and they loved it! We had a really good time and enjoyed just hanging out. After the movie, we went to Target and the kids used their allowance to buy some toys. After supper, Danny and the kids built a castle out of blocks. It is still up. I told them they could keep it up one more day.

The Christmas decorations went up on Friday. This is our first year with a fake tree. Last year, we found out I am allergic to the mold. We really miss going to the lot and picking one out. Everyone has been great about it and we had lots of fun decorating it. A holiday weekend with its ups and downs.

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