The Holidays

The holidays are over and this is my first chance to write anything down. It has been a fun and crazy two weeks. Christmas was great! The kids loved what they got from Santa and the rest of the family. Everyone had a good time opening presents and eating a lot of food. It was nice being all together. Tyler and Lilly have played all week with their new toys. Tyler loved his nintendo 3DS player. Santa brought it and Tyler discovered he can take pictures with it. He took lots of pictures at my parent’s house! It is so fun to watch how excited the kids get. They were so excited on Christmas Eve. We have our own tradition for bedtime on this particular night. We read Twas the Night Before Christmas, the Christmas story and the the story of baby Jesus from the Children’s Bible. Amazingly, they were both asleep within half an hour. I love Christmas and the feeling that comes with it. I love decorating and shopping!! The kids and I get so excited!

For New Year’s Eve, we watched Charlie Brown and had a family party! The kids really wanted to stay up till midnight. Lilly was not even close, she was out at 10:30. However, this was her latest night! Tyler really really tried. He was so tired, he kept laying down and then popping up saying “I have to stay awake!” He made it till around 11:30 or so, I am not quite sure when he fell asleep because I fell asleep first! All in all it was a great night!

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