Finally, Feeling Better!

Just about three weeks ago, I had surgery on my ear to fix a hole in my eardrum. It has not been a pleasant recovery. This was an outpatient procedure and because of this I did not expect such a long and rough recovery. The surgery last for two hours and I was in a good amount of pain. I really feel like I should have stayed in the hospital overnight. That first night was a haze. However, I am now feeling better. Now, I would like to praise my husband. He took off a week and a half to stay home and take care of me and the kids. He did a really good job. I can tell that he and the kids bonded during my recovery. He also took care of the animals and the house. He even did a little cooking (not his specialty) and the kids liked it. Being a mom is a wonderful feeling, I love taking care of my family. It is also nice to know I can depend on my husband to take care of me. Thanks honey!

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