A Twist

Okay, so I have written before about needing to find a job. Here is a little backstory-When Tyler was one I decided to stay home and I started an in-home daycare. Nothing crazy, just one or two kids for the money and social skills for Tyler. I was also getting my BA during this time. When I started graduate school we stopped the in-home daycare. I now have a master’s degree and the kids are in school. We struggle with paying bills and everything that goes along with having a family. My husband and I thought being a teacher’s assistant at the kids’ school would be a great idea. I have always wanted to be a teacher, but when the kids came and I started school online I figured that dream died. This new idea seemed wonderful. I could fulfill a dream and no child care needed for the kids, especially during the summer. A little glitch, here in North Carolina there is a budget proposal to give teachers a much needed raise and cut teacher assistants. The powers that be are still working on it (fingers crossed). Another twist, my mom mentions to a relative my idea and she says, why not become a lateral entry teacher. So now, I have started this process. I will have to take some classes, but I have three years to complete them. Also, I have to get a job as a lateral entry teacher. I find this nerve racking. The only thing on my resume that qualifies me for a job is my master’s degree. The rest of my resume is a preschool teacher. How do I handle an interview? I have no idea what kind of questions they will ask me. I am excited and nervous about this prospect! The money would be great and a dream would come true. So nervous!

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